Inheritances and bequests

You can support the fight against cancer with your inheritance or bequest. You will be offering your solidarity to the many people who benefit from our cancer support programmes and their families. JUNTS CONTRA EL CÀNCER. You can collaborate in the Junts Contra el Càncer cause by bequeathing a fixed sum, a percentage of your total assets or a particular asset (a property, belongings, jewellery, works of art, etc.). As established by Spanish laws, we receive these goods free of inheritance tax because we are legally exempt. When you make a will, please indicate what you would like to leave to FECEC. Remember that your latest will cancels out any previous one. If you have heirs, within the legally established limits, you can bequeath part of your assets to FECEC. If you don’t have any heirs, you can designate FECEC as your sole heir. It is very important you clearly provide the full name of the entity that will receive your bequest, its Tax ID Number and full address: If you are interested in making a bequest to or will in favour of FECEC please contact us by phone or email (ph: 93 314 87 53 – c/ or discuss it with your solicitor.

Webpage updated 27/07/2020