What does Services to Member Organisations do?

FotoFececQueFemServeisEntitats02 As a platform linking the organisations fighting cancer in Catalonia, the FECEC provides a series of services:
  • It represents the member organisations of Junts contra el Càncer (Together Against Cancer) and is the point of contact with public administrations and other institutions.
  • It provides training to volunteers and professionals from member organisations.
  • It transmits information in a structured way to member organisations of Junts contra el Càncer via the newsletter Junts contra el càncer informa and weekly clippings.
  • It has a presence on the social networks to bring together the online community and provide it with services. YouTube-logo-full_colorfacebook-logo
  • • It offers knowledge and exchanges of experiences in different working groups formed by professionals from Junts contra el Càncer organisations. There is currently a psychosocial working group and a volunteer coordinators working group.
  • It coordinates Spanish and European subsidies.
  • It refers volunteers to Junts contra el Càncer member organisations.
  • It provides useful materials and resources for Junts contra el Càncer organisations.
  • It provides a free legal assistance service for federated entities and channels queries through legal agreements with the Thomson Reuters Foundation and the Gestió Solidària Association.

Webpage updated 12/04/2022