2017 ‘Posem-li pebrots al càncer” campaign

Date: 19 de April de 2017
More than 600 volunteers from all over Catalonia took part in the third edition of the charity campaign destacat pebrots ” Peppers for Cancer “ collects 74,355 euros to provide support and service to patients and relatives.
  • A total of 49,570 bags of charity peppers have been sold over 450 Condis establishments in Catalonia at a symbolic price of 1.5 euros
  • Journalist Xantal Llavina, actor and presenter Quim Masferrer, researcher Manel Esteller and meteorologist Francesc Mauri have endorsed the initiative
The third edition of the charity campaign "Peppers for cancer" promoted by the Catalan Federation of Organisations Against Cancer  (FECEC) and Condis Supermarkets held on 3 and 4 February, has raised 74,355 euros by selling 49,570 bags of charity peppers. The funds will be used entirely to support programs and assistance to cancer patients and their families. More than 600 volunteers have participated in the sale of charity peppers by offering a bag with two peppers, one red and one green, at the symbolic price of 1.5 euros. Available in more than 450 Condis establishments in Catalonia and throught the virtual Condisline.com supermarket, the peppers have been selflessly donated by the Grupo Agroponiente. According to Pilar Condal, CEO of Condis "We want to thank all of those who during the campaign have bought bags of charity peppers and, especially to all those volunteers who have dedicated their time to this initiative. Without them and without the support of our co-workers from both headquarters and establishments, it would not have been possible to carry out, once again, the solidarity campaign." On the other hand, Francesc Viñas, Senior Vice President and Director of FECEC Oncolliga, stressed that "Campaigns like "Peppers for cancer" are necessary because we must help raise awareness about the need to provide the maximum possible support to both patients and their families to help them cope with the disease. In this regard, the work done for the last 16 years by FECEC institutions such as Oncolliga against oncological diseases in Catalonia need this support from citizens. Without them, this fight would be even more difficult." The initiative has had some exceptional endorsers: Journalist Xantal Llavina, actor and presenter Quim Masferrer, researcher Manel Esteller (director of the Epigenetics and Cancer Biology program at the Institute of Biomedical Research of Bellvitge -IDIBELL-) and the meteorologist Francesc Mauri. On this occasion and during the presentation of the campaign, Xantal Llavina and Quim Masferrer have prepared a solidarity recipe with the help of other sponsors: a coca de recapte (dough covered with red pepper and eggplant). Volunteers and citizens: Key in the proper functioning of the campaign "Peppers for cancer" has had an outstanding impact on social networks, where people have sent their photos and videos with their bag of peppers, both on FECEC’s and Condis’ (@condislife) Facebook and Twitter accounts (with hasthtag #pebrotscancer) as well as on the Condislife’s Instagram account. In addition, other initiatives are taking place on the occasion of World Cancer Day, which aims to raise awareness about cancer among the general population (http://www.juntscontraelcancer.cat/news/lema-dia -mundial-against-cancer-2017 /). The volunteers collaborating with the initiative come from the institutions themselves, as well as those from various municipalities, hospitals, institutions and companies that have joined: La Caixa, Kern Pharma, SAGE, Janssen, Red Cross and University of Barcelona among others. At the same time, we must state that Condis also promotes solidarity among their staff and collaborators, who participate from the point of sale and from the central platform as well. From FECEC, we wish to thank the support of volunteers and companies that have made this campaign possible. Thank you all! Author: