Finalitza la Setmana Catalana de la Prevenció del Càncer amb èxit de participació

Date: 9 de October de 2017

La Setmana Catalana de la Prevenció del Càncer  (SECAPC), celebrada del 29 de setembre al 8 d’octubre i que cada any organitza  la Federació Catalana d’Entitats contra el Càncer (FECEC), finalitza amb èxit de participació.

1. matinal menja sa

Enguany l’espot de la campanya #menjasaimoute17  ha estat protagonitzat pels actors de TV3 de la sèrie ‘Merlí’, Candela Antón i Marcos Franz que han fet una crida a la participació ciutadana perquè enviï les seves fotos menjant sa o fent activitat física i la comparteixi a les xarxes amb el hashtag #menjasaimoute17 per participar en el sorteig de dues càmeres Go Pro.  

La idea del sorteig era sumar més gent conscienciada amb la necessitat de prevenir el càncer. Aquí podeu veure els guanyadors del sorteig.

Juntament amb aquests actors, la Setmana Catalana de la Prevenció del Càncer ha tingut el suport del cuiner Ismael Prados,  del Campus de l’Alimentació de la UB que va dirigir el taller de menús saludables i del fundador del portal, Ernest Codina que va presentar la matinal #menjasaimoute17 celebrada el 4 d’octubre al mercat de la Guineueta.

Enguany la FECEC també va convidar als alumnes de  3er d’ESO de quatre instituts del barri de la Guineueta. A més l’espot i la falca de la campanya s’ha pogut veure a BTV, La Xarxa, Canal Salut, la xarxa de transports municipals TMB i TRAM de Barcelona, Rac1 i el Canal de la Fundació DiR.

Més d’una vintena d’activitats i espectacles per tot Catalunya

A banda de la campanya #menjasaimoute17, les activitats de la SECAPC han inclòs una vintena de tallers i espectacles dirigits a un públic de totes les edats amb l’objectiu de conscienciar la població sobre la necessitat d’adoptar estils de vida saludables per prevenir el càncer.

En total s’han organitzat una dotzena de tallers de confecció de menús. Aquests tallers tenien la finalitat de donar eines i recursos per implementar les recomanacions alimentàries bàsiques per tenir una dieta sana i equilibrada. Aquesta activitat ha estat impartida per nutricionistes-dietistes col·legiats.

L’altra activitat organitzada dins la SECAPC, l’espectacle infantil ‘Hort d’en Marçal’, s’ha representat a més d’una desena de municipis. Aquest espectacle destinat a nens d’entre 5 i 7 anys explicava mitjançant titelles les propietats de la fruita i la verdura i anava acompanyat d’un taller per fer una brotxeta de fruita. Aquesta activitat ha tingut una participació de més de 3000 persones i una valoració molt positiva per part dels professors.

La SECAPC, que anualment celebra la FECEC, vol conscienciar la població sobre la importància d’adquirir hàbits saludables per prevenir el càncer. Hi destaquen dues recomanacions comunes:  d’una banda, la ingesta diària de cinc peces de fruita i/o verdures, com a mínim, i de l’altra, la realització de 30 minuts d’activitat física moderada  cada dia.

Author: FECEC


Date: 26 de June de 2017

The promoting entities (FECEC and PIMEC) have extended collaboration partnerships in the region with hospitals, CAPs (Primary Care Centers), labor advisors and companies who have spread the word about the program, enabling the first demands to be met.


The support program for companies, workers and self-employed workers ‘What to Do When Cancer Appears at Work’, promoted by the Catalan Federation of Entities against Cancer (FECEC) and the Small and Medium Business Company of the Vallès Oriental (PIMEC) has been successfully established in the region after its launch last January.

Throughout these months, the two driving forces have created collaborative alliances in the territory allowing them to extend the knowledge to those responsible for a business about what to do when one of their workers is diagnosed with cancer.

People who have had cancer sometimes have difficulty returning to work. The program seeks to minimize the negative impact of the disease on both the organization and the affected worker.

It is a program with a social value that aims to create a more inclusive healthcare business culture in the workplace and maximize the chances of people living with cancer to maintain or restart an active occupational role after the diagnosis and treatment of the disease.

Currently, the program already has the support of three companies (Tapla industries, the Association of electricity, plumbing, gas and related companies of the Vallès Oriental and Comas and Partners) who bear the OncoCompromeses (Onco-Committed) seal.

In order to disseminate the program among those diagnosed with cancer, the Hospitals of Granollers, Sant Celoni and Mollet del Vallès have joined the program; especially, the Oncology Service team which covers all three centers and all of the region’s Primary Care Centers as well.

From the very beginning, the support of Perez-Sardà Coll Labor Consulting, the leading trade unions (UGT and CCOO), trade associations and MC Mutual has been key for the dissemination of the program among those responsible for micro, small and medium enterprises.

Such collaborations have contributed to: The spreading of the program among agents of the territory, the research of companies to finance the project and its dissemination. In this regard, the program has already met the first demands.

At FECEC, we believe it is important to create such framework to inform micro, small and medium-sized companies, workers and freelancers, to help manage a situation of cancer at work, to inform about the resources available to accompany this situation and what options they have at the time of making decisions.

‘What to Do When Cancer Appears at Work’ is an innovative program inspired by experiences in the UK and Denmark. The agreement between FECEC and PIMEC -a commitment for collaboration with the program- was signed last December.

Author: FECEC


Date: 31 de May de 2017

On Saturday May the 6th, the Francesca Bonnemaison Space hosted the 13th edition of the Volunteer Meeting in the field of Oncology, organized every year by the The Catalan Federation of Organisations Against Cancer.


This annual event aims to promote public recognition and the connecting link among all the volunteers who work in this field in Catalonia. This day is also a show of appreciation for the efforts and dedication of volunteers to constantly improve the quality of life of people with cancer and their families.

Under the title, ‘Smile, You’re a Volunteer”, the meeting reflected on the need to work optimism among volunteers as an attitude to relativize the difficulties of life and in particular to better confront those difficulties that come along with the work of volunteers.

FECEC’s president, Ramon Maria Miralles opened the sessions at 10:00 with Maite Fandos, Barcelona Provincial Council Welfare deputy. According to Miralles, the work done by the volunteers is crucial to the functioning of organizations: “We are very aware that volunteers are the most significant identity trait of organizations fighting against cancer, and we wish to express our appreciation for your support and dedication at the same time.”

Then, psychologist and author of “Being happy in Alaska” (Ed. Grijalbo) Rafael Santandreu, gave a talk entitled “Being happy as a volunteer.” As a novelty, the Meeting has introduced two simultaneous workshops, one entitled ‘Why should a volunteer smile?” by Maria Conxa  Porrera, teacher and founder of the personal growth group “Recerca Personal” (Personal Research) and “The Art of Stopping Time (and Feeling Happy)” by Miquel Antonijuan, coach and promoter of projects with social impact at Fundació Nous Cims (New Summits Foundation). In these workshops, participants were able to share their own experiences and views.

The day was conducted by Ignasi Gayà, Televisió de Catalunya (TV3) News Services journalist.

The ceremony was closed by the Mèlt Quartet, winners of third edition of the ‘Oh Happy Day’ TV show.

Download the photo album of the event.

Author: FECEC



It is a free career guidance service aimed at federated entities users who have suffered from cancer and are seeking a job suited to the physical and / or emotional effects arising from the disease.


The aim is to accompany and support this group in their job search process, facilitate their reintegration to work and reduce stigma.

The service assesses the individual needs of those interested, and then welcomes them to ‘La Caixa’s’ Incorpora program. This service offers free voluntary counseling and  Intermediation and Labor Guidance  for those at risk of social exclusion and facilitates their access to the labor market.

Since 2014, FECEC has been working to meet the unresolved needs that the study on How to Improve the Experience of Cancer Survivors showed: The management of the aftermath, economic problems and the return to the labor market.

If you wish to access the service or need any further information, please contact the reference entity directly or FECEC by calling 93 314 87 53 or email

Author: FECEC


Date: 19 de April de 2017

The program driven by FECEC and PIMEC “What to do when cancer appears at  work” was launched in mid-February.

cancer feina

It is a pilot program that provides suppport to companies and workers within the Vallès Oriental area. The direct recipients are micro, small and medium enterprises and self-employed workers working within this area. This initiative rose within the framework of the agreement signed between the two organizations in early December.

PIMEC Valles Oriental will carry out prospecting actions through their SME partners to join the proposed project and encourage funding for a pilot test based on the financial contributions that SMEs may wish to contribute with, in a free and individual manner. In this context, “onco-company” labels will be awarded to those entities promoting the project.

The objectives of the program:

* Accompany and support the actors involved in order to improve the experience of cancer in the workplace.

* Help prevent the stigmatization of this group within the workplace

* Improve, as far as possible, the chances of people living with cancer to maintain or resume an active role at work after diagnosis and the treatment of cancer.

In order to implement the actions programmed, the Catalan Federation of Organisations Against Cancer (FECEC) provides:

* Personalized advice to assist the recipients’ individual demands.

* Support resources such as “Lending a helping hand in the experience of cancer at work” will facilitate the management of the disease process and the adaptation to the needs of both stakeholders – employers and employees-.

This pilot project will last six months and has the support of UGT, CCOO, Granollers General Hospital, Primary Care Centers in the region, federated entities in the region and labor consulting companies.




2017 ‘Posem-li pebrots al càncer” campaign


More than 600 volunteers from all over Catalonia took part in the third edition of the charity campaign

destacat pebrots

” Peppers for Cancer “ collects 74,355 euros to provide support and service to patients and relatives.

  • A total of 49,570 bags of charity peppers have been sold over 450 Condis establishments in Catalonia at a symbolic price of 1.5 euros
  • Journalist Xantal Llavina, actor and presenter Quim Masferrer, researcher Manel Esteller and meteorologist Francesc Mauri have endorsed the initiative

The third edition of the charity campaign “Peppers for cancer” promoted by the Catalan Federation of Organisations Against Cancer  (FECEC) and Condis Supermarkets held on 3 and 4 February, has raised 74,355 euros by selling 49,570 bags of charity peppers. The funds will be used entirely to support programs and assistance to cancer patients and their families.

More than 600 volunteers have participated in the sale of charity peppers by offering a bag with two peppers, one red and one green, at the symbolic price of 1.5 euros. Available in more than 450 Condis establishments in Catalonia and throught the virtual supermarket, the peppers have been selflessly donated by the Grupo Agroponiente.

According to Pilar Condal, CEO of Condis “We want to thank all of those who during the campaign have bought bags of charity peppers and, especially to all those volunteers who have dedicated their time to this initiative. Without them and without the support of our co-workers from both headquarters and establishments, it would not have been possible to carry out, once again, the solidarity campaign.”

On the other hand, Francesc Viñas, Senior Vice President and Director of FECEC Oncolliga, stressed that “Campaigns like “Peppers for cancer” are necessary because we must help raise awareness about the need to provide the maximum possible support to both patients and their families to help them cope with the disease. In this regard, the work done for the last 16 years by FECEC institutions such as Oncolliga against oncological diseases in Catalonia need this support from citizens. Without them, this fight would be even more difficult.”

The initiative has had some exceptional endorsers: Journalist Xantal Llavina, actor and presenter Quim Masferrer, researcher Manel Esteller (director of the Epigenetics and Cancer Biology program at the Institute of Biomedical Research of Bellvitge -IDIBELL-) and the meteorologist Francesc Mauri. On this occasion and during the presentation of the campaign, Xantal Llavina and Quim Masferrer have prepared a solidarity recipe with the help of other sponsors: a coca de recapte (dough covered with red pepper and eggplant).

Volunteers and citizens: Key in the proper functioning of the campaign

“Peppers for cancer” has had an outstanding impact on social networks, where people have sent their photos and videos with their bag of peppers, both on FECEC’s and Condis’ (@condislife) Facebook and Twitter accounts (with hasthtag #pebrotscancer) as well as on the Condislife’s Instagram account.

In addition, other initiatives are taking place on the occasion of World Cancer Day, which aims to raise awareness about cancer among the general population ( -mundial-against-cancer-2017 /).

The volunteers collaborating with the initiative come from the institutions themselves, as well as those from various municipalities, hospitals, institutions and companies that have joined: La Caixa, Kern Pharma, SAGE, Janssen, Red Cross and University of Barcelona among others. At the same time, we must state that Condis also promotes solidarity among their staff and collaborators, who participate from the point of sale and from the central platform as well.

From FECEC, we wish to thank the support of volunteers and companies that have made this campaign possible. Thank you all!


18% of cancer cases can be prevented by adopting a healthy lifestyle

Date: 3 de November de 2016

 Watch the spot #menjasaimoute:

According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), 18% of cancer cases could be prevented by adopting a healthy lifestyle. That is why, every year, the Catalan Federation of Entities against Cancer (FECEC) organizes the Catalan Week of Cancer Prevention (SECAPC) with the aim of promoting healthy lifestyles to prevent cancer.

This year the SECAPC is held from September 30 to October 9 under the slogan, ‘Actua contra el càncer, menja sa i mou-te’ (‘Act against Cancer, Eat Healthy and Get Moving.’) The ad campaign  ‘No cal fer malabarismes’ (‘No Need to Juggle’), is hosted by popular actors from the TV3 series’ La Riera’, with Mercedes Sampietro and Jordi Planas making a call for participation with people’s own photographs or selfies eating healthy or engaging in physical activities with the hashtag #menjasaimoute.

The commercial and radio spot will be broadcast by TV3, BTV, Network, Catalunya Ràdio, Ràdio Barcelona and will also be shown on TRAM and TMB screens throughout the week.

Les Corts Municipal Market will host SECAPC’s live presentation on September 28, from 10.00 to 12.00, starring popular chef Marc Ribas, host of TV3’s “Cuines” (‘Kitchens’) preparing a healthy recipe based on a series of fresh produce.

Marc de las Heras, the host of the Great Route (GR) show on Channel 33, will also boost the presentation. This year, FECEC also invited 3rd Grade students from Institut de les Corts to attend the conference.

Throughout the morning, attendees will be able to participate in a Zumba exhibition thanks to the collaboration of the DIR Foundation. Attendees will also be able to take selfies at a photocall on the stage with the screening of the spot as well all the all the faces of those who have joined the challenge to get their pictures taken for the #menjasaimoute campaign.

The photos to build the selfies-mural can be sent through Facebook or Twitter with FECEC’s hashtag #menjasaimoute or share them across the social networks with the same hashtag. Pictures can also be sent via email:

More than a dozen activities and performances throughout Catalonia

FECEC’s annually celebrated SECAPC, wants to raise awareness about the importance of healthy habits to prevent cancer. Two recommendations stand out among the 12 established by the European Code against Cancer: Firstly, the daily intake of five pieces of fruit and / or vegetables at least, and secondly, the daily 30 minutes of moderate physical activity.

Among SECAPC’s planned activities, we must highlight L’hort d’en Marçal (‘Marçal’s Kitchen Garden’), aimed at children aged five to seven. The show will be staged in various parts of Catalonia throughout the Catalan Week of Cancer Prevention.

Likewise, there are also healthy and economic menus workshops scheduled offered in various and municipalities of Catalonia. This activity will be provided by collegiate nutritionists and dietitians.

Meanwhile, sports activities are scheduled, such as the Palafrugell Oncotrail (1 and 2 October) -Salou, 2-10, the Salou Sosciathlon (Triathlon individual races, October 2), the Canyelles’ Cua Barrada (morning BTT race on 9 and 10 October) and Naturtime– mountain race at the Serra Montsant (October 22).

The Catalan Week of Cancer Prevention has the support of:

Municipal Markets of Barcelona, the European Cancer Leagues (ECL), the Public Health Agency of Catalonia, the Barcelona Provincial Council, Provincial Council of Girona and Lleida.

Campaign collaborators:

DIR Foundation, TV3 Network, BTV, TRAM, TMB, Naturtime, Sosciathlon and La Caixa’s Staff Association.


ECL Members Discuss in Barcelona How to Improve the Support and Rehabilitation of Cancer Patients

Date: 30 de June de 2016

Twenty representatives of organizations from 15 countries belonging to the European Cancer Leagues (ECL) attended the ‘Patient Support Working Group” (PSWG) meeting held in Barcelona on the 21st and 22nd of June, 2016.


Enriqueta Villavecchia Foundation hosted the conference at its headquarters.


ECL members during a visit to AFANOC’s Xuclis House.

The main points addressed at the PSWG were: Patient support improvements, The elaboration of a joint Atlas on how rehabilitation programs are developed in different countries and The creation of an initiative to reach consensus on the stance regarding access to medication.

On June 21st, Josep Maria Borras, Oncology Master Plan Director and Anna Varderi, member of the FECEC, opened the work session by welcoming the attendees. The PSWG devoted the first day to the structure and contents of a European Atlas addressing the ongoing rehabilitation programs for patients in different countries. The atlas will be presented at the next World Congress on Cancer to be held in Paris in late October. The meeting was accompanied by a prior presentation brought by the Dutch and Swiss Cancer Societies on the problems experienced by cancer patients. At the same time, each of the organizations from different countries also shared their experiences on the conducting of their respective rehabilitation programs.

The session on June 22nd addressed the question of caretakers and created a Task Force to reach a joint position regarding access to medication. Cyprus and Flanders accompanied the meeting with a presentation. Also, the Catalan organizations adhered to FECEC presented three ongoing projects in the fields of rehabilitation and palliative care and showed, through a visit on site, the hosting and support services to families with children with cancer that AFANOC-managed La Casa dels Xuclisprovides. The PSWG sessions finished with a visit to Hospital de Sant Pau’s Modernist facilities, one of the oldest hospitals of reference in Europe. This year, FECEC, as a member of the ECL, became the host of these conferences that took place at Enriqueta Villavecchia Foundation headquarters (Avinguda Sant Antoni Maria Claret 167, Barcelona –Spain-).


300 volunteers of Catalonia participate in the XII meeting of volunteers in the Oncology

Date: 9 de May de 2016

About 300 volunteers from all over Catalonia attended Saturday May 7th the XII Oncology Volunteers Meeting organized every year by the Catalan Federation of Organisations Against Cancer (FECEC).


This year, the meeting was held at Endesa’s Modernist Hall, aimed to promote the recognition and links among volunteers within this field in Catalonia. The day is also in recognition of the daily efforts and dedication of volunteers to improve the quality of life of people with cancer and their families.

EntitledVolunteering, how to take care of ourelves’, the meeting reflected the importance that volunteers take care of their own welfare in order to carry out their work effectively. The accompanying tasks cause emotional stress, which must be managed in order to feel well and hence, provide support correctly. That is why the conference gave the volunteers a series of tools they can integrate to improve their physical and emotional wellbeing.

Bernat Valls, General Director for Civic Action and Community of Catalonia, opened the meeting at 10.00 with FECEC’s chairman, Ramon Maria Miralles.

Journalist James Barbera, director and presenter of TV3’s “RETRATS” (Portratits) and co-participant at Catalunya Radio and RAC1, followed with a talk entitled: “We are nothing without others.” A round table followed called ‘Proposals to take care of ourselves’, with the participation of the Angels Cassany (painter of mandalas for the soul), Wai Wai Cho Sum (acupuncture nurse and Qigong teacher) and Joan Enric Puig (spohrologist). The guests shared their own experiences and views on physical and emotional wellbeing.

In the same vein, coach, trainer and head of Acció Social de Càritas Diocesanes de Barcelona, Eduard Sala, picked up the main conclusions of the table with the lecture ‘Taking Care of ourselves to Take Care of Others Better.”

The meeting was led by Ignasi Gaya, news journalist for Televisió de Catalunya Information Services.

The closing ceremony was delivered by the Coral Noves veus (New Voices Choir) at the Laryngectomy Rehabilitation Center of Terrassa (CRL).

Author: FECEC

FECEC and its affiliated organizations with the World Cancer Day 2016

Date: 18 de February de 2016

On the occasion of the World Cancer Day, the Catalan Federation of Entities against Cancer  (FECEC) and Condis Supermarkets launched the second edition of the charity campaign ” Peppers for Cancer “, held on the 29th and 30th of January. The campaign managed to raise 73,890 euros with the sale of 49,260 bags of solidary pepper, surpassing the sales achieved last year.


The funds obtained with this solidarity campaign are allocated entirely to the care and support programs for cancer patients and their families. More than 500 volunteers were involved in the selling of solidary peppers conducted in more than 400 Condis de Catalunya establishments and the virtual supermarket, offering a bag containing two peppers, one red and one green, for a symbolic price of 1’5 euros.

This action is part of other initiatives developed on the occasion of the World Cancer Day and in accordance also with the European code intended to prevent the disease.

Hence, FECEC and Together Against Cancer organized campaigns and events during these days to support people affected by this disease.

Thus, Oncolliga Girona (Onco-League Girona) held the 5th Oncoesquiada (Onco Ski Trip) and the ‘Run4Cancer’ race. The latter took place in seven locations simultaneously, one in each region of Girona. The objective of these two activities was to raise funds for the organization’s projects. Also, the Roses Against Cancer Foundation commemorated the World Cancer Day with a charity concert and the traditional lighting of a candle bow to pass on the importance of raising awareness around this disease.

Premia de Dalt’s Oncolliga (Onco-League) held the Second Oncology Week from January 31st to February 6th with a wide range of activities organized by Oncolliga Premia de Dalt and the support of the city council.

For its part, the League Against Cancer of Tarragona and Terres de l’Ebre also organized a concert and a charity dinner on behalf of the entity. As usual, Grup Àgata scheduled a Nordic walk; a physical activity recommended for most people.

In the same vein, Osona contra el càncer (Osona against Cancer) launched a prevention campaign to educate and raise awareness about the importance of following a healthy diet, make moderate physical activity on a daily basis and maintain a proper weight. AFANOC scheduled its emblematic party ‘Put your hat on’; this time in La Seu Vella.

At FECEC, Together Against Cancer, besides the ‘Peppers for Cancer’ campaign, we also supported the campaign organized every year by the International Union against Cancer with the aim to educate and inform the public about the need to prevent oncological diseases. This year’s World Cancer Day 2016 was held under the slogan “We can, You can’.

Author: FECEC