SECAPC has promoted more than thirty activities to prevent the risk of cancer.

Date: 17 de September de 2019
  • SECAPC’s VIII edition held Sep27 - Oct 6 consolidates.
  • “Eating healthy is not a sacrifice and it is within everyone’s reach” is #menjasaimoute19’s campaign message

Watch the 2019 ad #menjasaimoute:

The month of October marks the return of the Catalan Week for Cancer Prevention (SECAPC), which is organized every year by the Catalan Federation of Organisations Against Cancer (Federació Catalana d'Entitats contra el Càncer).

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In its eighth edition, the campaign has consolidated throughout Catalonia in the effort towards cancer prevention and awareness. More than 20 activities are organized in 23 municipalities and 10 schools across Catalonia on behalf of the #menjasaimoute19 campaign promoting healthy lifestyles among the population.

This year, under the slogan ‘Eat healthy and move', FECEC emphasizes the fact that eating healthy does not have to be a sacrifice and that it is within everyone’s reach in addition to reiterating the message about the need to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

FECEC’s campaign is based on the recommendations of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) International Agency for Research on Cancer and contemplated in the European Code against cancer, which states that 50% of cancers can be prevented by following healthy habits, such as eating a diet rich in fruit and vegetables, engaging in regular physical activity, walking for 30 minutes a day, and avoiding the consumption of tobacco or alcohol.

This routine must be followed by other measures such as following screening and vaccination programs, avoiding excessive sun exposure as well as to carcinogenic substances and living in a smoke-free space.

In fact, the campaign also serves to disseminate the European Code against cancer, which provides 12 tips to reduce the risk of malaria, and stresses the importance of food and physical activity.

Children's workshops and shows

Besides the #menjasaimoute19 campaign, SECAPC's activities include more than 20 healthy menus workshops and the 'l'Hort d'en Marçal' show.

The workshops, aimed at an audience of all ages, aims to offer resources to implement basic food recommendations for a healthy and balanced diet. This activity is conducted by dietitians and nutritionists.

The children's puppet show 'Hort d'en Marçal', intended for children between 5-7 and performed in more than 10 municipalities, explains the properties of fruit and vegetables through puppets and includes a workshop on how to make a fruit brochette.

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