Types of Volunteering

The JUNTS CONTRA EL CÀNCER organisations offer different types of cancer volunteer work in accordance with their programmes. The most common types are:

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This kind of volunteering, in the oncology field, involves acting as a companion, organising recreational and educational activities, providing emotional support and contributing to the smooth operation of the various therapeutic programmes. Hospital volunteers make life in hospital more pleasant for patients and attempt to take their mind off their disease. The volunteers make the most of the long hours of free time to organise activities of interest.

Webpage updated 07/08/2020

These volunteers offer entertainment and companionship to the cancer patient in his or her home. Home volunteers provide support on a daily basis and aid with practical aspects of daily life, trying to encourage the personal autonomy of the patient and making it possible for the main carers and other family members to take a break and feel supported.

Webpage updated 07/08/2020

These volunteers have first-hand experience with the disease (either because they have been through it or because they are close to someone who has). They know perfectly well the physical and psychological problems that cancer brings and enough time has gone by for them to have overcome all the difficulties. They share their experience and resources and provide information on all these aspects in order to support patients and help them adapt to the new situation.

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These volunteers normally don’t have any personal contact with the cancer patient. They take part in organisational tasks and help develop the activities organised by the Junts Contra el Càncer organisations (conferences, charitable social events, etc.), help out in fund-raising campaigns and provide administrative and management support organisations.

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These are the people who belong to the boards of directors or sponsors of the different organisations, who hold a representative, managerial and administrative position in each entity, as well as in Catalan Federation of Organisations Against Cancer (FECEC) organisations.

Webpage updated 07/08/2020